One outfit, one store, less than $100: A casual Spring/Summer outfit from Target

This will be the first of a new series I’m starting in which I will come up with one outfit entirely made out of clothes from one store. The catch is that it has to be less than $100 for the entire outfit. Usually the entire outfit will cost much less.

The Shirt: Merona Short Sleeve polo $10.48

Pick out odd colors after you have the basic white/navy.

These are typical polo shirts; you can’t go wrong with them. You can get plenty of different colors and mix them up for different outfits or occasions. For this particular outfit though, we will go with the “Blueprint” color. Just a hint though: odd, bright color polos stand out more and you’ll look different from the rest of the masses wearing white/navy ones. If you feel up to it, try a different color.

The shorts will probably be the better choice.

The Pants: dENiZEN 218 Slim-straight jeans ($23.78) or Mossimo Shorts ($19.99)

Two choices here – the dENiZEN jeans or the Mossimo Shorts. The idea is that the jeans would be for cooler spring days whereas the shorts would be for hot, humid days like we have here in Atlanta. These jeans are made by Levi, but are not of the same quality. You could always try some Levi’s 514s instead from another store. Go with the “Enigma” color for the jeans. For this outfit, pick up the “beachcomber” white/tan color for the Mossimo Shorts.

The Shoes: Converse One Star Boat Shoe ($36.99)

If you must wear socks, get ankle or no show socks.

Converse is known for making quality canvas shoes colloquially known as chucks. The One Star brand is Converse’s more affordable brand that is available in department stores across the country. The One Star shoes are of decent quality though, and these are of a classic boat shoe style. Grab some baby powder and lightly powder the inside of the shoes, then go without socks.

The One (optional) Accessory: Timex Weekender watch ($34.99)

This watch can be used with just about every casual outfit.

This will put you over a hundred, but not by much more. If you already have a Weekender (or a even nicer watch), buy a strap that has a similar color. To go with the blue polo, try a blue Timex Weekender watch strap. They are not available on Target’s website, but they only cost $6.99 and can help that Weekender you already have match the outfit.

End cost, without the watch: $71.25 (This is assuming you bought the shorts.)