My Vans Authentics.
My Vans Authentics.

Footwear you should own: A decent pair of canvas chucks.

Everyone should know what chucks are. For those who don’t though, chucks are canvas sneakers that are usually low cut and very thin. These shoes have been all over the place.

But how does a pair of common, affordable sneakers fit into the whole business of improving what you wear?

My Vans Authentics.

My Vans Authentics. Just don’t make the same mistake and wear black socks with them.

The simple answer is this: they go with just about everything but a suit or professional attire. Wearing those dark jeans I keep suggesting? Chucks. Polo and shorts in the summer? Chucks.

Get a decent white or tan pair and keep them clean. I suggest Vans’ Authentics or a decent pair of Converses. Or if you’d like to go the more affordable route, Old Navy currently has some for $25.

Pictured: ON canvas shoes in tan

They don’t look half bad either for the price. But I don’t own a pair, so I can’t comment on the quality. It’s hard to mess up a canvas sneaker quality wise though. Last time I went in Old Navy I tried a pair on and they fit similarly to my Vans Authentics and seemed to be well made.

The point here is this: chucks are simple and made to last. Get a pair (or even two) and wear them in almost any casual situation.